The Accord Annual Report 2019-20 is now available


This Report covers the period 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020

The COVID-19 Special Report covers the period February 2020 – July 2020

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COVID-19 special report

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the global disruption and economic recession it has caused, has dominated our industry and Accord’s activities during the first half of 2020. Read the full COVID-19 special report

“… Accord has done a great job with their frequent communication to members, providing constant updates and information across the ever-changing landscape of lockdowns, and state and federal government initiatives and legislation.”

– Mette Engell, Managing Director ANZ, Coty

Message from the Chair

Unparalleled challenges facing our industry since the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession make it even more vital we pull together under Accord.

A common theme of conferences and industry events over recent years has been that of disruption. Focusing squarely on how disruption, often via new technologies, can challenge us and sometimes even tear down many traditional business models or ways of thinking. And as business managers we have sought to embrace this concept so our companies could adeptly ride the tide of change, rather than risk being washed away instead.

But who could have predicted the scale and depth of disruption we are all currently experiencing? Read the full message from the Chair

“providing advice, expertise, assistance and advocacy remains at the forefront for Accord”

– Tracey Raso, Accord Chair

Message from the Executive Director

Our industry’s COVID-19 pandemic response has been immensely valuable, so it is vital that government policies aimed at our nation’s eventual post-pandemic recovery are fit for purpose and support a stronger industry and economy

There’s an entry in Accord’s flagship Hygiene for Health website on the history of epidemics going back 1,500 years and fast- forwarding to more recent times that caught my attention. Amongst such defining events as the bubonic plague of the Middle Ages and the smallpox epidemic of the 1700s, it is the Spanish Flu pandemic of early last century that sadly stood out in the modern era, having inflicted a horrendous toll across all walks of life both in Australia and elsewhere.

Regrettably, this website entry in Hygiene for Health now needs updating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, however, Australia and New Zealand so far appear to have been spared the worst in comparison to many other nations. And of course, we had best wait until we are past living the pandemic before post-scripting it into our website. Read the full message from the Executive Director

“policies that were formulated in pre-COVID days should be examined forensically to see if they are still economically sensible and suitable”

– Bronwyn Capanna, Accord Executive Director

Our Members

Accord’s Member companies are leading businesses ranging from large multinational firms to smaller Australian-owned enterprises; local manufacturers to product importers. Our valued Associate Members are companies that provide specific services and expertise for our industry.

Our Products

Our industry’s products are essential for everyday living.  Each day across the nation in homes, public places, commercial premises, institutions, industry and agriculture, our industry delivers effective solutions that promote health protection, and add value, convenience and comfort to daily life.

Our Contribution

In 2019 we released the inaugural Accord/EY State of the Industry Economic Report, revealing our industry’s role as a driver of national economic activity, jobs and exports. The numbers tell a story of a large and resilient industry, with key economic indicators including:

► Industry turnover – $26.3bn (0.9% increase from previous year) making ours the 17th largest industry sector in Australia

► Industry value-add – $5.6bn (0.7% increase from previous year)

► Imports – $3.6bn (11.8% increase from previous year)

► Exports – $1.3bn (9.8% increase from previous year)

► Jobs data – 68,117 employees (2% decrease from previous year)

► Wages data – $3.4bn  (similar to previous year)

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