The Accord Annual Report 2020-21 is now available


This Report covers the period 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021

The COVID-19 Special Report covers the period August 2020 – March 2021

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Our Members

Accord’s Member companies are leading businesses ranging from large multinational firms to smaller Australian-owned enterprises; local manufacturers to product importers. Our valued Associate Members are companies that provide specific services and expertise for our industry.

Our Products

Our industry’s products are essential for everyday living.  Each day across the nation in homes, public places, commercial premises, institutions, industry and agriculture, our industry delivers effective solutions that promote health protection, and add value, convenience and comfort to daily life.

Our Contribution

In 2019 we released the inaugural Accord/EY State of the Industry Economic Report, revealing our industry’s role as a driver of national economic activity, jobs and exports. The numbers tell a story of a large and resilient industry, with key economic indicators including:

► Industry turnover – $26.3bn (0.9% increase from previous year) making ours the 17th largest industry sector in Australia

► Industry value-add – $5.6bn (0.7% increase from previous year)

► Imports – $3.6bn (11.8% increase from previous year)

► Exports – $1.3bn (9.8% increase from previous year)

► Jobs data – 68,117 employees (2% decrease from previous year)

► Wages data – $3.4bn  (similar to previous year)

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COVID-19 Special Report

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate the attention of businesses, government, policy-makers, and the media well into the second half of 2020. However, with a robust COVID-19 contact tracing system, governments, support for business and individuals, and the relatively high compliance with public health orders, living with the disruption of the pandemic became slightly more manageable – mostly – as a new normal.

As such, attention began to move to meeting the challenges of a post-pandemic Australia, including the resulting economic recession. For Accord, this shift presented a further opportunity to promote the crucial role our Members played in Australia’s COVID response, and to highlight again the potential of our resilient industry for jobs, investment and the rewards an improved policy environment could bring. Read the full COVID-19 special report

“… Accord has done a great job with their frequent communication to members, providing constant updates and information across the ever-changing landscape of lockdowns, and state and federal government initiatives and legislation.”

– Mette Engell, Managing Director ANZ, Coty

Message from the Chair

Our industry continues to play a positive leadership role to aid the nation’s ongoing pandemic recovery and to enhance environmental sustainability.

While the last year can only be described as a tumultuous and often emotional rollercoaster ride for everyone, it is a relief and blessing that our nation has weathered the pandemic better than most.

Thanks to a steady and cautious approach to managing the risks of COVID-19 infection spread combined with appropriate but unprecedented levels of fiscal stimulus, the Australian economy is rebounding.

Credit for this goes to the generally rational responses of all Australian governments in managing pandemic risks and, in particular, to the Morrison Government for the prompt and decisive economic relief measures it introduced throughout the pandemic. Read the full message from the Chair

“businesses across the hygiene, personal care and specialty products industry have been working tirelessly to meet community expectations about our products and services”

– Tracey Raso, Accord Chair

Message from the Executive Director

Rational, evidence-based policies are what we need to face a range of future challenges and aid our pandemic recovery.

The rise of various forms of populism over the last few years has been a backward step for science-based, internationally connected and innovation focused industries like ours.

So, if there has been a silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic in both Australia and New Zealand, it has been the greater attention that policy makers and the public have given to the informed advice of credible public health experts.

Has there ever been a time when the names and faces of Chief Health Officers from across the nation’s federal, state and territory governments are as recognisable to the person on the street as those of movie stars or other celebrities? Read the full message from the Executive Director

“You cannot encourage innovation if you smother it with unnecessary red tape, hefty compliance costs and complex, confusing rules.”

– Bronwyn Capanna, Accord Executive Director

Our strategic plan

The national voice of the hygiene, personal care and specialty products industry

Providing indispensable membership services to facilitate sustainable growth and productivity for a globally competitive industry

Respected, credible, trusted, influential, science and evidence-based