The Accord Annual Report 2021-22

This report covers the period 1 April 2021 – 30 June 2022

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Our Members

Accord’s Member companies are leading businesses ranging from large multinational firms to smaller Australian-owned enterprises; local manufacturers to product importers. Our valued Associate Members are companies that provide specific services and expertise for our industry.

Our Products

Our industry’s products are essential for everyday living.  Each day across the nation in homes, public places, commercial premises, institutions, industry and agriculture, our industry delivers effective solutions that promote health protection, and add value, convenience and comfort to daily life.

the heart of what we do

A responsive and respected team, delivering indispensable services and knowledge across the breadth of membership

profiling and tools:

A trusted and influential partner, visibly communicating in all relevant fora and engaged with all relevant stakeholders, reinforcing the essential role industry’s products play in public health, personal wellbeing and quality of life

better ‘fit for purpose’ regulations

A well-connected and credible industry voice, facilitating economic growth and employment by supporting global regulatory convergence based on sound science, commitment to regulatory best practice, and no barriers to trade

Message from the Chair

Our industry’s role in advancing both physical and mental wellbeing is a community asset that deserves wider recognition.

As each of us can readily affirm, the last few years during this time of pandemic have often been wearisome, to say the very least. And while we are seemingly over the worst aspects of previous years’ lockdowns, restrictions, and personal hardships, we still sit firmly within what can only be described as the pandemic’s hangover.

Ongoing supply chain disruptions, a sputtering economy with high inflation, and an overall sense of uncertainty and fatigue being the order of the day. It is little wonder this has taken a collective toll on physical and mental wellbeing.

In my message for Accord’s previous annual report, I focused on the immediate but positive learnings from the early stages of the pandemic. For example, on the way our industry nimbly rose to the challenge with resolve and resilience. Now, as we are moving on to new challenges, it seems appropriate to shine a light on the broader benefits our industry provides and the role of our industry into the future.

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Message from the Executive Director

Challenging times call for the right culture from within both business and government – embracing policy collaboration not confrontation will be the best tonic for advancing the national interest.

The one step forward, two steps backwards tempo of our times has undeniably placed a strain on the normal optimism generally shared across the innovative and forward-looking Australian hygiene, personal care and specialty products industry that Accord represents.

Nearing three years into the Covid-19 pandemic, ongoing disruptions to vital supply chains, commerce and daily life, continue to constrain our Member companies’ progress and responsiveness.

And added to this, 2022 has seen a previously inauspicious geopolitical and economic environment erupt regrettably into outright warfare in Ukraine along with rampant inflation and economic stagnation globally. Plus, various environmental challenges, ranging from climate change to marine plastic pollution, continue to loom large.

Clearly these are challenging times. Equally clear is the fact that a business-as-usual approach to such problems is not going to cut it. Nor would any further spiral in national affairs to political populism over sound, evidence-based policy.

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