Injury[2] is the leading cause of hospitalisation and death for children in developed nations.

Injury can be caused by many things. The pie charts show causes of community injury[3] deaths[4] and community injury hospitalisations[5] for 0-4 year-olds in Australia in 2004-05.

How do household products fit in?

Household products are grouped under “other substances”, along with toxins in food and plants, paints, alcohol, toxic vapours and other chemicals, such as pool chemicals and pesticides. This category does not include pharmaceuticals or drugs.

Although poisoning by “other substances” is only a minor cause of child injury, and household products are only a small percentage of these “other substances”, children aged 0-4 are one of the groups at highest risk.

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[3] Community injury excludes injury as a result of medical or surgical complications.
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