Dusanka Sabic

Regulatory Advisor

Dusanka is a regulatory policy specialist, working with the Accord Regulatory Team on strategy for a better, more efficient and cost-effective regulatory system. Prior to this Advisor role, Dusanka was Accord’s Director of Regulatory Reform.

She has held senior positions in the then National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS, now the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme), National Occupational Health and Safety Commission, Office of Small Business and Federal Bureau of Consumer Affairs.  Her qualifications include a BA Hons degree.

Dusanka has developed and implemented policies to assist business, especially in terms of reducing and simplifying the regulatory burden. For example, Dusanka was a member of the Government’s Small Business Deregulation Taskforce and was engaged by the South African Government to assist in its national review of the regulatory burden on small business.  Prior to joining Accord, she was leader of the NICNAS Low Regulatory Concern Chemicals reform initiative and was awarded the 2003 NICNAS Innovation Award for her work in the design and implementation of this initiative.  In her previous position at Accord, Dusanka sat on a range of Government advisory bodies, including NICNAS’ Strategic Consultative Committee (SCC), former Chair of the Standards Australia committee on terminology for organic and natural cosmetic products, and participated in international fora such as the ISO and the APEC Chemical Dialogue. Dusanka was the recipient of Standards Australia’s Meritorious Contribution Award- International 2016.