While plastic is a critically important material in the economy, it presents a significant challenge for waste management, resource efficiency and the environment.

Accord is coordinating strategic action for our industry on packaging waste—particularly plastics—with the goal of advancing pragmatic and sustainable solutions as Australia transitions to a circular economy.

  • Benchmarking surveys: Accord conducted extensive industry-wide ‘Packaging & Plastics’ surveys in 2020–21 to establish a reliable quantitative and qualitative profile of the status, issues, concerns and aspirations of Accord member companies in relation to packaging and waste.
  • Policy and stakeholder engagement: Accord has developed fruitful dialogue with relevant ministers and other government and industry stakeholders on waste, plastics reduction and our industry’s many proactive sustainability and stewardship initiatives.
  • APCO member: Accord is a proud member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation and welcomes the opportunity to contribute towards practical advances in packaging waste management.
  • BeadRecede: Accord has already made great strides in environmental stewardship through our successful industry-led phase-out of solid plastic microbeads from rinse-off cosmetic, personal care and cleaning products. Read more
  • Packaging & Waste Steering Group: Accord’s PAWSG provides sector-specific intelligence and expert advice to inform Accord’s plastics and packaging waste priorities, strategy and initiatives.
  • Cosmetic packaging stewardship: Accord is actively partnering with circular economy organisation Close the Loop on a product stewardship initiative for small-format cosmetic packaging. This work is being funded by a federal grant awarded to Close the Loop and comprises trials of take-back schemes.
  • Publications:
    • No time to waste: Accord’s forward-looking article on small-format cosmetic packaging waste stewardship was published in the Autumn 2022 edition of Retail Beauty magazine.
    • Plastics Paper: This Member resource summarises the current ‘plastics environment’ as relevant to the hygiene, personal care and specialty products sector, with a focus on actions undertaken by Australia’s governments and by major international economies.
  • Events: Accord hosts packaging-themed events for Members and external stakeholders, including:
    • The Packaging Challenge: Towards packaging waste circularity solutions for the cleaning & hygiene industry was the theme of Accord’s workshop in conjunction with the 2022 ISSA EXPO.
    • Member-only Insight Hour webinars that, to date, have included sessions with key organisations such as APCO and Terracycle, and innovative solution providers such as Labelmakers and Recycle Mate.