There is no such thing as ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to flushing the wrong things.

WipeSmart is industry’s consumer education initiative to promote better use and disposal of wet wipes.

Overseas data shows that many wipes – including baby wipes, as well as other unsuitable items – are getting into the sewerage system.

Most wipes we use are designed for disposal via the bin. WipeSmart provides many timely reminders about what can go wrong if you flush the wrong types of wipes.

Apart from potentially contributing to sewer system blockages and the formation of  fatbergs, flushing baby and personal care wipes can lead to expensive plumbing bills from blocked pipes within the home. The smarter move is to bin most types of wipes, including baby wipes, household cleaning wipes and the wipes used for makeup removal and facial cleansing.

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