Who we are

Accord is the national industry association representing manufacturers and suppliers of hygiene, personal care and specialty products, their raw material suppliers and service providers.

We are the respected voice of a dynamic industry. Our Member companies are leading businesses ranging from large multinational firms to smaller Australian-owned enterprises; local manufacturers to product importers.

Accord Members make a significant contribution to the Australian economy, employing over 14,000 full time equivalent positions, operating close to 180 offices and over 65 manufacturing sites around Australia, and supporting local manufacturing through use of Australian contract manufacturers.

Our valued Associate Members are companies who provide specific services and expertise for our industry.

Accord is managed by a dynamic team of business professionals with a wealth of experience in industry, government and non-government organisations.

Our industry’s products

Products supplied by our industry are used every day across the nation by millions of consumers, businesses, institutions, industries and farms.

Our industry’s product sales are close to $10 billion annually, with annual exports in excess of $1 billion to all regions of the globe.

Cleaning agents, personal care products, disinfectants, hygiene products, cosmetics, sunscreens, perfumes & fragrances, oral hygiene products, adhesives, sealants, protectants – these products play vital roles in:

  • Safeguarding public health – Maintaining essential standards of hygiene and sanitation in institutions, hospitality, manufacturing and agriculture
  • Promoting personal wellbeing – Helping keep us clean and healthy, and helping shield us from harmful effects of the environment
  • Maintaining comfortable homes – Enabling us to keep our everyday surroundings clean and comfortable, making the home a relaxing place to unwind or to welcome and entertain guests
  • Enhancing quality of life – Giving us greater personal freedom through innovative time- and effort-saving technologies
  • Boosting confidence and emotional wellbeing – Assisting us to look and feel our best, as well as providing opportunities for self-expression, individuality and pampering
  • Keeping the wheels of commerce and industry turning – Fulfilling specialised applications in households, institutions, industry, manufacturing and agriculture

All these benefits are essential to safe, healthy living and maintaining the quality lifestyle we often take for granted.