Accord membership is an invaluable business investment.

Your company will derive many direct benefits that translate to tangible time and cost savings. And your company will be seen as an active industry participant, helping boost your business profile as a committed and responsible industry player.

Read on for more information on why more than 100 leading businesses, representing a large percentage of the Australian hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products industry, have invested in Accord membership year after year.

Membership of Accord provides direct and tangible benefits to your business

  • Expertise: Direct access to our team of industry experts for advice and assistance on regulatory, policy, technical and public affairs matters.
  • Information: It takes time to search for and sort through information. Our bulletins, alerts and other communications ensure members stay on top of all key regulatory changes, government policy initiatives, commercial and industrial developments and breaking media stories.
  • Access: As the respected and influential voice of the formulated products industry Accord has access to key decision-makers in politics and the bureaucracy. Your business can have direct input to policy submissions on matters that impact your business.
  • Representation: Accord representatives attend meetings on behalf of members and prepare numerous letters and submissions to politicians, government agencies and other organisations – a level of involvement that would be unthinkable for any individual business.
  • Events: Accord members have opportunities to expand their networks, knowledge and influence through regular seminars, strategy & policy briefings, technical training, conferences and social gatherings.

Membership of Accord gives your business opportunities to shape the industry’s future

Membership of Accord signals your company’s commitment to the industry as a whole. By joining the industry body, you gain access to an essential forum for contributing to the broader strategic direction of the industry – essential if our industry and the positive role it plays in society is to be recognised appropriately by all stakeholders. Customers will see that your company is investing in the future of its industry.

We are passionately committed to enhancing industry’s reputation as an innovative solutions provider. Accord proactively develops sustainability initiatives that promote the significant positive social, environmental and economic contribution of our industry and its products.

We are dedicated to pursuing a simpler and more effective regulatory system to reduce the red tape burden on member businesses. Accord members benefit from our strong, effective advocacy and add weight to our positions through direct input.

Our effective communication and networking mechanisms provide member opportunities for networking, raising common concerns, solving them collaboratively, and growing the industry.

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