Innovation & Sustainability – Our industry’s commitment to the future

The hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products industry is committed to playing its part in meeting the social, health and environmental challenges of importance to the overall wellbeing of the Australian community.

Accord’s sustainability mission and vision are articulated in our Sustainability Charter:

Mission: to promote and coordinate a range of sustainability initiatives on behalf of industry

Vision: As leaders in production and supply of hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products, our members are committed to:

  • progressive improvement in sustainability through whole-of-business ethos and practices;
  • generating tangible measures of improved environmental impacts, social benefits and economic progress; and
  • effectively communicating our industry’s essential role in protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of people and our environment.

Demonstrating our industry’s commitment to our 3 Principles of sustainability – environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic progress – are Accord’s many sustainability initiatives. Click on the menu links for more information.