1. Read the Phosphorus Standard in full to ensure that the product/s on which you want to display the ‘P’ or ‘NP’ logo meet/s the requirements.
  2. Complete the Application Form (‘Attachment 1’ to the Phosphorus Standard) and return to Accord.
  3. If Accord agrees to grant a licence, a Trade Mark Licence Agreement will be forwarded to your company along with an invoice for the licence fee (this is a one‐off cost of $1,000 ex-GST to cover administration and will be waived for active and financial members of Accord).
  4. Return the completed, signed and witnessed Trade Mark Licence Agreement to Accord, together with the licence fee (if applicable).
  5. A copy of the Trade Mark Licence Agreement signed on behalf of Accord, together with copies of the relevant logo/s will be sent to your company.

Your company is obliged to keep Accord’s records up to date regarding laundry detergents bearing the ‘P’ or ‘NP’ logos. By completing ‘Attachment 1’ to the Phosphorus Standard you may apply to add new laundry detergent products to your Trade Mark License. You must also inform Accord of products deleted from your range or no longer compliant with the Standard.