Step 1. Submit your formulation/s details to the third-party assessor Davoren Environmental for assessment. Detailed information on the process and costs is provided at the above weblink, or see below for an overview of the process.

The third-party assessment process consists of two parts:

  • Screening assessment to determine if the product meets the scope of the Recognised® scheme, and that the application has been completed correctly and contains all necessary information. If your submission passes screening, it can proceed to…
  • Full technical assessment to determine whether the product meets the Standard Criteria of the Recognised® scheme.

You will be notified of the progress of your application throughout the process.

Step 2. If your product is assessed by the third-party assessor as meeting the requirements of the Recognised® Scheme, Accord will be notified and will be in contact to handle the licensing arrangements. All licensed products will be listed on the online register.

For more detailed information on the application process including costs see Guidance on applying for the Recognised – Environmental Credentials Scheme.