Standard Criteria

Products are required to meet all requirements of the Standard Criteria in order to be eligible for licensing.

*Please see the Revision History section of the July 2018 for a cumulative summary of changes for each version.

(The July 2015 version differs from the December 2012 version only in relation to a clarifying comment regarding concentration requirements. The December 2012 differs from the March 2012 version only in relation to additional text for the purpose of further clarification. These changes were made in response to suggestions/recommendations in Prof. Barry Hart’s Review of the March 2012 criteria. (See Expert Panel, below, for more information.)

Information on how to apply – including process, fees, timeframes and responsibilities


Audit – the audit provides assurance that Recognised is operating in a robust, independent fashion

Expert Panel – the Standard Criteria and Recognised as a whole have been reviewed by suitably qualified independent experts in toxicology, the environment and human health

General information on the Recognised Scheme